This is Sputnik

Greek organic wine making has seen a remarkable Renaissance over the past decade. Greek wines are recognised amongst the finest in the world, as they blend age-old traditions and contemporary organic techniques, to produce varieties, that respect the land and its people. Blessed with a unique climate, Greece was home to the inception of wine making back in antiquity. Today, its rugged mountains, swept by the salty sea air and drenched in the sun's hot glare are home to emerging geographical protected varieties and products. This is a selection of packaging for wines from top vineyards on the islands of Samos, Limnos, Santorini and Zakynthos and the ancient wine making region of Achaia in the Peloponnese. Fine wine making by Nopera Wine, Tetramythos winery, Limnos Organic wines, Dionisis Kefallinos and Oenos Nature fpl.
Bottoms up! 
Many thanks to Konstantinos Pitsios (copiart) photography.

Sputnik Out

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