capturing time..

Light changes matter in ways that shape our world. Photons trigger changes in proteins in the eye to enable vision; sunlight splits water into hydrogen and oxygen and creates chemicals through photosynthesis; light causes electrons to flow in the semiconductors that make up solar cells; and new devices for consumers, industry, and medicine operate with photons instead of electrons. But directly measuring how light manipulates matter on the atomic scale has never been possible, until now.
The laws of physics describe light and matter, and the quantum revolution rewrote both descriptions. Radioactivity was a good example of matter's behaving in a way that was inconsistent with classical physics, but if we want to get under the hood and understand how nonclassical things happen, it will be easier to focus on light rather than matter. A radioactive atom such as uranium-235 is after all an extremely complex system, consisting of 92 protons, 143 neutrons, and 92 electrons. Light, however, can be a simple sine wave.
I was born and raised in Athens in a bilingual, alternative family.
Photography was something that inspired me from an early age. With my first camera, a Zenith 3M, the first frames were a small disaster .. but also a great challenge.
From the first moment my inspiration were spontaneous moments, the beauty of nature, the animal kingdom.
Through the lens I seek to reveal elements of the city, people, nature, time, emotion.
My target is to emerge in a special way even the simplest moments of everyday life.
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