This is Sputnik

A day at PaperGraph

PaperGraph SA is a state-of-the-art printing facility in Greece. In 2020 we were asked to redesign their visual identity showcasing the company as a market leader. Strategically, PaperGraph elected to redesign the corporate brochure, focusing on their high tech infrastructure. We began with a day-long visit, observing complex printing processes and came away with a lasting afterimage of the industrial frenzy between man and machine. This suggested a modernist piece of design, that chronicles a typically busy day at PaperGraph. Back at the studio, we accessed data from PG’s backend platform on machines, people, clients and delivery times, and set up an on-site photoshoot to capture the movement and rhythm of the facility. We combined the two in the brochure, that features numbers, graphs and images in simple, straight-gridded, modernist layouts. Set against white, the edition also picks up on the classic CMYK colour separation print mark, that serves both as a recurring visual feature, and a timeline of company history.

Shooting by Konstantinos Pitsios 

Content and data curation: Nikos Bourdis, Kali Bourdi, Frankiskos Xatzikomnou

Creative direction: Antonis Katsillis

Printed on GardaPat KIARA paper (250 gr/150gr) with a soft-touch anti-scratch finish and spot varnish on cover.
Sputnik Out

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