MNS 19. Samos, Greece.
There are only 1280 bottles of Muscat Nature Selection 2019. This exceptional wine made from the small-berried white muscat variety on Samos is a treat for the senses. The 60-year old vines are grown in the renowned Nopera vineyard on the lush mountains of Samos at an altitude of 850 meters. Since 8th C. BC, this Eastern Aegean island has been a beacon of political, economic and cultural life and was instrumental in shaping Hellenic culture. Its people, from layman to philosopher, are ancient winemakers, guided by the love and respect of their land. MNS 19, co-produced with master-winemaker Oenos Naturε f.p.l., is the product of this love and is available in just 1280 uniquely numbered bottles. Photography by Konstantinos Pitsios (Copiart).
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